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In The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing, 3rd Edition, you'll learn from established writers about how to make your novel a reality. Discover techniques and strategies for generating ideas, connecting with readers emotionally, and finding inspiration you need to finish your work. This fully revised edition includes an updated marketing section for navigating the unique challenges and possibilities of the evolving literary marketplace.

Inside you'll find new essays from dozens of best-selling authors and publishing professionals detailing how to:

• Master the elements of fiction, from plot and character to dialogue and point of view

• Develop a unique voice and sensibility in your writing

• Manage the practical aspects of writing, from overcoming writer's block to revising your work

• Determine the key elements for success in every genre

• Find an agent, market your work, and get published--or self-publish--successfully

You'll also find interviews with some of the world's finest and most popular writers, including David Baldacci, Lee Child, Robert Crais, Khaled Hosseini, Hugh Howey, Stephen King, Dennis Lehane, George R.R. Martin, Jojo Moyes, Anne Rice, Jane Smiley, and Garth Stein. Their insights on the craft and business of fiction will provide you with invaluable mentorship as you embark on your writing journey.

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