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September Book Suggestion

Build an Exceptional Plot, One Scene at a Time!

Think of your favorite story--the one that kept you turning pages late into the night, the one with a plot so compelling, so multilayered, so perfect that you couldn't put it down. How can you make your own plots--in your novels, short stories, memoirs, or screenplays--just as irresistible?

Plot Perfect provides the answer. This one-of-a-kind plotting primer reveals the secrets of creating a story structure that works--no matter what your genre. It gives you the strategies you need to build a scene-by-scene blueprint that will help elevate your fiction and earn the attention of agents and editors.

Inside, literary agent, editor, and author Paula Munier shows you how to:

• Devise powerful plots and subplots and weave them together seamlessly

• Organize your scenes for the greatest impact

• Develop captivating protagonists, worthy antagonists, and engaging secondary characters

• Use dialogue, setting, tone, and voice to enhance your plot

• Layer, refine, and polish your storyline

• Define your story in terms of its theme

Filled with writing exercises, plotting templates, and expert advice, Plot Perfect helps you dive into the intricacies of plot--and write a compelling story that readers won't be able to resist.

Buy it here

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